Lesson Plan 004 -- Visiting Feelings

This book is one of my all-time favorites when it comes to starting a conversation about feelings.  It is a great tool to help children and adults alike recognize all the different ways we can feel.  My lesson plan will not only include the movements I use along with this book, but also introduce a really fun emotions game.

Visiting Feelings
By Lauren Rubenstein

Visiting Feelings is highly interactive.  The text asks a lot of introspective questions, and the book is filled with beautiful illustrations of objects for children to identify as you are reading.  I like to read each spread and then have the children tell me what they see in the corresponding picture.  Whatever they see is what we make a pose out of.  We perform the pose(s) and then move on to reading the next page.

Below you will find a series of poses that go with the pictures in the book to get you started.  Once in awhile a child will see something less obvious in a picture.  In this case, I typically have them show me what they think the "pebble" or "cloud" (for example) should look like.

Crescent Moon and Boat are a sneak peak into some illustrations I'm working on for future products.


This game plays just like freeze-dance.  Turn on an upbeat, energetic song and when the music stops, call out an emotion.  Everyone freezes, playing out that emotion on their faces and in their bodies.  If you have a mirror handy, have them freeze facing the mirror.  It's sure to take the giggle factor up a notch or two.  Emotions to call out might include: sad, angry, happy, surprised, scared, excited, nervous, shy, confused, or sleepy (which I usually save until the end to get the kids back to their mats).

Finish up on the mats with a few release poses and let them snuggle in for a song.  One of my favorites lately is JUST BE, by Kira Willey.

As always, make this practice your own and have fun with it.