A New Tool to Inspire Connection and Community

Calling all studios, parents, and teachers!

I discovered a new product today that I had to share with you.  Those who follow me know about BYY Shine Your Light Challenges.  I do these challenges because I believe in offering tools that encourage children (and adults) to grow.

Today I found these Lunch Mail cards by Compendium Kids and I really love them.  They fit right in with the messaging here at Backyard Kids Yoga and offer a great tool for studios, parents, and schools.  They have a number of sets, but this set in particular really speaks to the Shine Your Light message.

How I plan to use them:

At the end of class I always give the children a Shine Your Light Challenge.  I plan to incorporate these cards into my challenges, either by giving each child a card or, if there are a lot of kids, having them pick one out of the pile to read to the class.  Do what feels best for your class and your budget.

Where you can get them:

I found them locally (Appleton, WI) at Sunflower Spa. 

If you are not local you can order from their website, which is listed below.  Keep in mind that they have a lot of different sets to choose from aside from the cat and dog ones that I featured above.



Peace + Play



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