Make A Yoga Snowball Fight Game

For those of us who live in colder areas, cabin fever is already setting in!  Here is a great way to get everyone moving with a fun twist on those indoor snowball kits that are popping up everywhere.   All you need is some ribbon to quickly transform the snowballs into the foundation for fun movement games.  Here at Backyard Yoga, we use these games to introduce yoga moves.  However, you could also introduce dance moves or write silly tasks on the ribbons . . . maybe even list some chores that need to be done!  Any way you play, it's a great winter-themed activity to get the wiggles out.

Here is what you will need:

  Pom pom snowballs*

Permanent marker



*Where to find pom pom snowballs:

Purchase pre-made ones from Etsy, a big box store, or a craft store.

 Make your own craft kit found on Amazon.

Make Your own YouTube tutorial.

The reason I use pom pom snowballs vs. the more solid ones out there is that it is easier to "attach" the ribbon.  There is a tight loop at the center of the pom pom snowball where you can fish the ribbon through.  It holds in place during play, AND you can take the ribbons out to change up the poses depending on the age of your kids.

Once you have everything gathered, simply write poses on the ribbon and then fish the ribbon through the center of the pom pom snowball.  That's it!  You can choose any color ribbon; I chose a contrasting color so the kids could find it easily inside the snowball.


To introduce even more poses, make the ribbon long enough to hang out equally on the other side, then write a pose on each end of the ribbon.  Getting two poses for every one snowball allows more variation in the poses and game play.


Once they are all made you are ready to play!


Game Play Variation A

  • Everyone starts with one snowball.

  • Run around trying to tag friends with the snowballs by tossing them at each other.

  • If you you get tagged, you have to hold one of the poses on your ribbon until there is one person left.

  • Your snowball goes back into play.

Game Play Variation B

  • Everyone starts with one snowball.

  • Run around trying to tag friends by tossing snowballs.

  • If you get tagged, you yell out one of the poses on your ribbon and everyone stops to do the pose.

  • Continue playing for a set amount of time.

Game Play Variation C

  • This variation is great for little ones and small spaces.

  • Stand in a circle and turn on some music.

  • As the song plays, toss the snowballs back and forth. Add snowballs to increase difficulty.

  • When the music stops, the kid(s) holding the snowball picks a pose on the ribbon to show the rest of the kids.



As always, have fun with this, be creative, and make these games your own.

Peace + Play