Belly Balloon Meditation

My first inFLOWgraphic, entitled Taking Flight, will be released on March 1, 2016. In anticipation of it's release, I would like to offer you a sneak peak at the Belly Balloon Meditation that will be included in that product. 


This meditation is useful at any time of day and in just about any setting.  We often use it on long car rides.  The girls look out the window and imagine their balloon or balloons dancing around in the sky. 

If this is your first time introducing meditation to your kids, I have one piece of advice: do your best to make it playful.  Meditation follows guidelines rather than hard and fast rules, so try to keep the stress and pressure to "do it right" out of the picture.  Keep in mind that children most often live in the present moment.  In our house that means my littlest one tends to POP her balloons and my older one likes to make them change color.  Encourage them to make the practice their own.  There is no wrong way.

Belly Balloon Meditation: 

Sit criss-cross applesauce with your spine tall.
Place your hands on your belly and close your eyes.
Pretend your belly is a balloon.
As you breathe in, feel your belly balloon filling your hands.
As you breathe out, feel the air leaving your belly balloon.
Repeat a few times, filling and emptying your balloon.
On your next inhalation, fill one more balloon.  
As you exhale, send that balloon up into the sky.
Continue to breathe in and out, using your mind's eye to picture your
balloon floating about in the sky above.
Pay attention to the details of your balloon.
What color is it?  How big is it?  How does it move?
Does your breath control it’s movement?
Can you make it bigger by taking deeper breaths?
Can you send it higher by exhaling your breath more steadily?
Slowly start to bring the balloon back down.
Feel it landing gently in your hands.  
Take one more deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

I hope you enjoy!

Peace + Play