A 5-Minute Halloween Yoga Treat to Share with Your Little Monsters

Halloween is a great time of year to incorporate a playful, themed yoga sequence into your family’s day.  As you move through the different poses, remember to let your child (and yourself) explore each one in their own body and imagination.  The pictures are presented only as a guide.  Every body and every pose interpretation is unique to the child, so refrain from correcting.  Now, go gather your kids and get ready for some giggles.

Let’s pretend to be little ghosts working on our Boo Breaths.

photo: Erica Golub

photo: Erica Golub

  • Sit up nice and tall in criss-cross applesauce.

  • Rest your hands on your knees.

  • INHALE through your nose, than EXHALE with a "Boo".

  • The longer you make your inhalations, the bigger your "Boo"s will be!


Let’s pretend to be a wolf howling at the moon. . . 

photo: Erica Golub

photo: Erica Golub

  • Move onto hands and knees.

  • Arms should be straight with hands directly below your shoulders.

  • Make sure your knees are directly below your hips.

  • INHALE, fill your belly with air, and let it drop down. Lift your tail and chin up towards the sky.

  • EXHALE and howl at the moon like a wolf!

. . . and now let's transform into a Halloween cat.

photo: Erica Golub

photo: Erica Golub

  • This time as you EXHALE, tuck your chin down and your tail under.

  • Arch your back up high like a scary Halloween cat.

  • "Meow!"

Let’s Pretend to be a mummy sitting up from its grave.

  • Lay down flat on your back, stretched out long.

  • INHALE and reach your arms straight above you.

  • As you EXHALE, try to roll up to a seated position.

  • Moaning like a mummy on the exhalation is encouraged!

Let’s pretend to be a bat hanging upside down.

photo:Erica Golub

photo:Erica Golub

  • Stand up tall with feet wide.

  • INHALE, standing tall with your hands on your hips.

  • As you EXHALE, bend over at your waist and let your head hang low.

  • Hug yourself with your arms like a bat wrapping himself in his wings.

  • You can even start to sway back and forth if comfortable.

Let’s pretend to be a spider wiggling around.

photo: Erica Golub

photo: Erica Golub

  • Stand tall with your feet wide.

  • As you EXHALE, drop down into a squat.

  • Weave your arms behind your knees.

  • Place your hands on the ground outside of your feet.

  • Can you walk and wiggle like a spider?

Let’s pretend to be a pumpkin in a big pumpkin patch.

photo: Erica Golub

photo: Erica Golub

  • Roll onto your back.

  • As you INHALE, pull your knees into your chest and give them a big hug with your arms.

  • Continue breathing in and out as you rock your pumpkin from side to side.


Happy Halloween, Namaste.


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