National Make a Blanket Day

February 18th is National Make a Blanket Day!



National Make a Blanket Day was started by Project Linus in 1999, following the horrific events that took place at Columbine High School.  The community was in need of a large number of blankets, so Project Linus chapters from all across the nation organized a "blanket bee", delivering hand-made blankets to nearby chapters in Denver, CO.  Since then, Local Project Linus chapters have hosted activities in their area every February.  Maybe this year you can join in!

Here at Backyard Yoga, we host Shine Your Light project days once per quarter.  We liked the idea of making blankets to share with those in need, so because our project day for this quarter did not line up with National Make a Blanket Day, we chose to make blankets to donate to the local children's hospital instead.  Regardless of whether you team up with your local Project Linus chapter this month or contribute blankets to another cause at anytime throughout the year, this would be a great family or community project for you all to shine your light!  Here is what our day looked like:

Prep work and planning took place well before the actual event.  We decided on fleece tie blankets because they were the easiest for the kids to get involved with.  Project Linus is a great resource for all kinds of blanket patterns.


We gathered our community on a designated day during the kids' holiday break from school.  Everyone chipped in by bringing enough fleece for at least one blanket.  


The adults did the cutting and the kids did the tying...well, that was the idea anyway.  Together we are truly stronger:  two hours later we had completed thirteen blankets!

It's never too early to start involving your kids in projects like these.  Yes, the grown-ups did a lot of the leg work, but our kids are watching our every move.  They see us come together as a community greater than our immediate family.  They see us work together as a team and they witness the amazing results.  They see us eager to help others in need.  They hear our stories.  They hear us say how good it feels to lift people up.  Our light grows...their light grows...the world gets a little brighter.

Peace + Play