Groundhog Day Finger Maze Meditation

There have been a lot of requests lately for more meditation tools, making this the perfect time to introduce my Finger Maze Meditation.  I've been kicking this idea around for quite some time, so I'm finally putting pen to paper (or stylus to Wacom tablet, to be more accurate).  I guess groundhogs inspire me!

What is a Finger Maze Meditation?

You may have heard of finger mandalas, where you use your finger to trace a spiral from the outer edge all the way to the center.  This Finger Maze Meditation is similar, but also adds in a breath component and a playful theme for kids: they need to help the groundhog find his way from his burrow to the surface. 

Here's how it works:

  • You can choose to either screen-capture the graphic below for use on a tablet, or print out a physical copy.

  • Place your finger at the START and follow the breathing prompts.

  • Try to follow the maze at an even pace. Inhale and exhale, through your nose, for the entire length of each line, pausing only for a second as you turn the corner.

The benefits: 

  • Increases focus by having to control the finger through the tight maze while following the breath prompts.

  • Encourages deeper belly breathing as the maze builds from shorter breaths to longer breaths.

  • Reduces stress by calming nerves as you increase your oxygen intake.

  • Improves mood by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain.


Enjoy!  Please take a minute to let me know what you think in the comments below.  If there is a strong, positive response to this Finger Maze Meditation, I will take the time to design more themes in the near future.

Peace + Play