Happy Spring! Bunny Breath Meditation Maze Is Here.

Spring has finally arrived--at least on the calendar!  As the weather works to catch up with the season, sometimes we need to give ourselves a little energy boost.  Bunny Breath is a great, energizing breath exercise that you only need to do a few times to feel the benefits.  Quick and effective?  What's not to like about that?

Why Practice Breathing?

We breathe all the time without having to think about it--it's how we exist.  However, by stopping to actually explore our breath, we can better understand our current emotional and physical state.  In just three mindful breaths, you can check in with your thoughts, your body, and your feelings.  Here's the really cool part: once we know where we are at, we can use breathing exercises to take us to where we want to be. 

                   Feeling a little sluggish?                            Try three Bunny Breaths from the worksheet below.

                   Feeling a little angry?                                Try the Four-Leaf Clover Breath.

                   Feeling a little anxious?                             Try the Groundhog's Day Breath.


When we master our breath, we begin to master our state of being.


Here's how it works:

  • You can choose to either screen-capture the graphic below for use on a tablet, or print out a physical copy.

  • Place your finger at the START and follow the breathing prompts. In this particular exercise, there are 3 "starts".

  • After an initial inhale to begin, you will let out a long exhale through your mouth, followed by three quick inhales through your nose.

BYY_Bunny Breathing.jpg

Here is the coloring page version!


As always, have fun and make these your own.  Please share your thoughts and experiences with the BYY community below.  Enjoy!

Peace + Play