Product Release: 'Taking Flight' inFLOWgraphic

What is an inFLOWgraphic?

  • A 45-minute, pre-planned kids' yoga class, themed from warm-up to final relaxation
  • Breath Work, Story, Poses, Game, Release, and Relaxation segments all connect to the class theme
  • Picture book and music recommendations to complement your instruction 
  • Suggestions for alternative play ideas to keep each class fresh
  • Class tips and notes
  • Shine Your Light Challenge:  A special challenge at the end of class for the kids to go shine their light in the world
  • Legal-sized, full-color, and printed on durable vinyl stock to make it sweat-and spill-proof

What is the Taking Flight class all about?

Taking Flight is themed around the picture book If I Never Forever Endeavor,  a story about a little bird learning to fly.  The book teaches us about overcoming fear in order to try new things.  The class begins with a Belly Balloon breathing exercise.  After a warm-up with Sun Salutations, the story is introduced.  Class poses are all flight/bird-themed.  The poses are followed by a high-energy game, which is also centered around flight.  After the game, all of the little "birds" fly back to their "nests" for final release and relaxation.

Why do you want it?

  • You are a yoga teacher and life gets busy leaving you with little time to prep for each class every week the way you want to.
  • You are not a yoga teacher and you are looking for a playful way to introduce your child to the benefits of yoga.
  • You've been teaching kids' yoga for many years and you're looking for some fresh material.
  • You're new to kids' yoga and you want resources to help you get started.
  • You want to be part of a community of kids' yoga teachers who share openly and support expanding the beneficial practice of kids' yoga.

Who's this for?

  • While this inFLOWgraphic was designed with certified kids' yoga teachers in mind, it would work for anyone who wants to introduce kids to yoga in a playful way.

Where can I order one today?


Peace + Play



Coming Soon:

InFLOWgrpahic: A Jungle Walk